Saturday, March 28, 2009


Phew... Finally im able to update this blog after a series of urgency from my fellows. It's not that i dont want to update this blog, but the supreme buzyness in this hectic uni life limits my capability of doing so. Non stop assignments, tests, and lab reports have been bombarded to me. Gosh, im glad im still able to survive this rough current. Just go on with d flow one my friend said... :)

Anyway, the mid sem break is almost coming to an end. 2 days left before i go back to my normal hectic life. Owh ya, i purchased a PSP last week which hereby i announce my official girlfriend!! Wakakaka. Basically, dating with her was what i did during the whole last week. From waking up till i adjourned back to bed, this fella never ceased to amuse me. Getting a hold on this lovely console is really making my life more intriguing. Safely u can say console is a cigarette to me. Hahahaha. Game addict huh!! Whatever... >.<

Hmmmm... Since the holiday is finally hitting on it's edge, i guess i'll have to seal this PSP for a moment or i wont be able to concentrate on studying. The end of this holiday means there are four more weeks before the study week starts to kick on. Wow! time flies fast.... Really fast. Soon i'll be able to go back to KK!!!! Yipee...

Talking about the end, Gundam 00 s2 and Soul Eater are also coming to conclusion. What i can say, those two are superb animes. Good animation, good design, and a good story plot. But so far, i still cant find any anime that can top Code Geass which in my opinion is the best anime to be ever created so far. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is following next on the top list. Phew... Still waiting for a great anime to be released to get rid of my boredom. Hahaha... Being super buzy doesnt mean i never face this problem. :P

BTW last couple of weeks i received a bad news from my brother. RIP my lovely ps2. You have been a great and loyal friend to me. Your 5 years of great service will always be remembered. Sigh. And the good news is my dad is planning to buy a new 42" HD TV and a ps3 next month. Yeah!! This is really making me wanting to go back more than ever.

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