Monday, April 20, 2009


Something strange happened to me... I actually lost my silver ring four days ago. That day i was preparing myself to go to lecture early in the morning and I was very sure that my two silver rings were still attached to my fingers before i left the room. Soon after that i realized that i lost one of my rings when i was going down the stairs at my apartment. I tot i might lost it somewhere along the way so i didn't give too many thoughts on that. I did try looking for it inside my room but found it to no avail. And guess what, I've just found it lying on the middle of my bed a few minutes ago. Creepy~ I've been sleeping on the bed for 4 days and i have this habit checking my bed thoroughly before going to sleep. Im very sure the ring wasn't there before. Crap!!! Anyway thanks to that 'thing' for returning my ring.



Yadayada said...

wakakaka, ju-on!!!!!1

Tka Jayhunn said...

wahaha..giler misteri lan...

aku pon pernah gak ilang barang cm kat rumah la..jeng3x~