Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Susan Boyle

I might be a bit outdated. In fact a lot! hahaha... Seriously i never know who the hell is this lady until i was given a link by my friend, Edgar to watch her audition in Britains Got Talent 2009. To those who are wondering, Susan Boyle was one of the contestants in this reality TV show and was awarded 2nd place in this season. Take note, she is actually 47 years old!! At first, i didnt expect much from seeing this video. However, things had gone beyond my expectation and I actually almost cried. Yes i was touched. Call me whatever you want but I dont really care. I had learned a great lesson watching this video. Commonly, we sometimes tend to judge people with reference of their outside appearance. I thought i was not that type of person until I saw the video. Without realizing it, i was actually laughing my ass off when Susan Boyle went out introducing herself to the judges and told them that she wants to be a singer. I was like 'wth is this women doing' at that time. To my astonishment, my mouth was shut tightly after this old lady started opening her mouth. That was absolutely stunning! I was speechless. I felt like i was somewhere inside a wonderland playing in a flat and calm playground with her singing as the background music. Ok i might sound a bit exaggerated. Hahaha. Moral of the story, never judge a book by its cover. Even a not good looking bread might turn out to be super delicious sometimes. Who are we to judge the creations of God (im not referring to the bread). It's very common that some people insult the other people just because they are not smart, or maybe they are not as good looking as the insulter. The question is, are we too perfect to pass judgment on these people? No we arent. Therefore, never ever look down on these people. In fact, everybody is equal in His eyes.


Edgar said...

well said :)

are D said...

adeh kelambatan ko liao.