Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformer and Lord of the Ring

Well, basically i've just watched Transformer 2. It's a great movie indeed with pretty solid actions. I've heard so many fuss on how great the movie is. Yeah i heart fully agreed with that. But to nominate it as the best movie of this century? No, I think Transformer is not up to that level yet. Yes it is IF AND ONLY IF 'Lord of the Rings' was never filmed before.

I can still remember crystal clear every scene in LOTR although 6 years has passed since that time. So far no movie has ever beaten LOTR in term of its epic-ness. Remember in 'Return of the King', when King Theoden of Rohan charges with his army of cavalry into a hopeless battle while screaming "Death!!!"?? Holy crap that was just too awesome. Knowing that you will die, but still fight for the freedom of middle earth.... No words can explain the feeling. The bravery, sacrifice, sadness, friendship, loyalty, betrayal... It is a complete movie good enough to drive me emotional watching it. So far, it is the only movie that had managed to make me stood up and clapping at the end of a movie in cinema. So if you ask what is my favorite movie of all time, without second thought, i will say Lord of the Rings Trilogy. ;)

Anyway to those who still havent seen the Transformer 2. Go watch it... It's definitely not a waste of money to buy the ticket. Have fun!!


Edgar said...

IMO, Transformers was the best movie of 2007, alongside Number 23.

Transformers II (so far)is one the best for this year. I prefer the actions in this sequel, but overall, I think the original one is slightly better.

At the end of the day, I agree with you. Return of the King is just too great, despite having to sit for 3 hours in the cinema :P

Yadayada said...

i second your opinion, mr dinosaur!!!