Sunday, August 17, 2008

The good old days~

Well okay, Frank had been asking me to start blogging so many times already. I guess i'll give it a try hoping that it will minimize the time I spend on DotA-ing. Hehehe. No idea what to post, so i'll jz recall the good old days i spent in my secondary school...

2001 : Form 1

Hmmmm... That time i studied in SM Sung Siew, Sandakan... What was my class eh? ermmm, owh yeah it's 1B. The school consists of mainly chinese. I think more that 50% of the students were chinese! So you can expect there were a bunch of 'kiasu' people in my class. Nothing much to say, didnt have much memorable memories there since i studied there for only a year. :(

2002 : Form 2

The real story begins! I moved to Kota Kinabalu following my family and i ended up in SM Maktab Sabah or it's cooler name, Sabah College. The principle was Mdm Julia Willie Jock, the best principal i ever met in my entire life! Hehehe... My class was 2 Kerjasama... Well it's a third class actually. I supposed to take 'Bahasa Arab' . Since the class clashed with 'Pendidikan Seni', I dropped the subject. Hahaha

As to be expected from a third class, there were a bunch of twisted minded students, i mean 'samseng' lah. But I had no problem blending with them, eventough they always copy my homework... Sigh. But i seriously didnt mind! Tolong menolong lah katakan... See, im very generous one... :P Ngeh3... I' knew many nice and fantastic people there and the year was very fun and memorable indeed.

2003 : Form 3

Me and my gay-partner (joking oni) Camillus were promoted to 3 Makmur, which was said to be the best class in the school. Ya meh?? hmmm... I didnt have much trouble to suit myself there since most of them knew me already. Was i that famous?? kakaka... Well, the most notable happening that i remembered was Asyran. What i can say that he was my rival through out the year. I mean in the positive way lah. I didnt like him for certain reasons but he was very nice actually... I just coudnt mix with him. Like oil and water... Hahaha. But the funny thing is that we ended up in the same university now. Gosh

PMR was around that time... Well, i jz couldnt lose to him, so i was a BIT nerd. I mean I studied more than usual. Hehehe... Another thing I remember was Dinesh! My best game partner... He was nerd before (now taiko oredi) and got bullied a lot... Me and Camillus lah kaki buli tu. We did so many bad things to him. There got one time we pulled down his pant in front of the class, we put 'mee goreng' inside his bag, and we tied his bag to his chair. So when everyone went home, he was busy to untie his bag..hehehehe. But he impressed me a alot as he remained cool all the times despite what we did to him. Mmg sa respect ko lah Dinesh.

2004 : Form 4

Most of them went to MRSM including Asyran and Dinesh... Sigh. No more people to bully. Kakakaka... Actually i got the offer too, but that time i jz got a hold on my beloved ps2, so I ended up rejecting it. Ngeee... That was the year where my reign begined. What reign?? Dont wanna tell you! hehehe. Well the year went on as usual, fun and fantastic.

2005 : Form 5

The most kickass and badass year I had in my entire secondary school period. So many hot stuffs happened. Alvin btumbuk with Coach Shafri, Azizi was bleeding punched by Munir, most of 5 Makmurians switched to berdikari (rumah sukan) and many more. The most memorable one is the year end party at Tanjung Aru beach where we bbq-ing till night. The first time ever i bought a gift for someone. Well I had to since it's part of the event during the party which was gift exchanging. I bought a keychain for Izyan rasanya... Not sure.

Well the years passed by so freaking fast. I really2 missed them a lot. Hope they are all doing well. Cant wait for the year end reunion nanti. Long time didnt see them. Haih. The good old days~


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yeah~im d first one~lalala

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knape sume org blog nak kurangkan dota?berjaya ke?=p

lanz88 said...

berjaya kot... well u see, i dont play dota today...huhuhu.. Miracle!!!

HuiFen said...

hahaha. now u cannot bully dinesh already. hahaha

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eh, same like me, blogging to minimize dota oso. lol. but i think im wasting more time on blogging now. hahaha