Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lab Lab Lab..~~

I jz had an interesting lab session this morning. Now i feel like a real chemical engineer already. Hahaha...Why?? Let me show you... This is the equipment that we had to deal with.

This is what we call mini distillation column... The real one in chemical plant is 100 times bigger than this u know! Wuhuu... Im so eager to finish my course now! hahaha.. Ok2, stop craping. The experiment of the day was entitled 'azeotropic distillation' which i didnt what does it mean. Really... We were supposed to do 'continuous distillation' but sadly the equipment was not functioning and we ended up doing this experiment which i was not prepared. Sigh~ But nvm... What to do kan? Hehehe... Ok2, this experiment was so so different compared to d previous experiments we did bcoz we need to climb up here and there to take d samples at specified places on the distillation column. The experiment took around 5 hours to complete! Owh yeah... Quite tiring too. In addition, we could see some of the graduating seniors testing their 'jubah' outside the lab while conducting the experiment. FYI, tomorrow is the graduation day for UTP graduates. Huh.. Damn, so jealous that time... We need to wait for yet another 3 years to wear that 'thingy'. Lalalala... Ok back to the topic, out of track already. hehehe.We also need to use certain protective equipments that we never used before while doing the experiment such as this.....

and this...

Pretty cool rite... Hahaha. Ok now i dont know what to write anymore. So i'll jz post some of the pix i took around the lab. Well, we had so much free time while waiting for the system to reach equilbirium state tho that we could ss-ing taking pictures! :P Sigh~ Now i have to worry howto prepare the troublesome lab report in a week time. Argh!!!

scenery from the top of the distillation column

my lab partners measuring the refractive index of the samples taken


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