Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bla Bla Bla

Well... I was out in Ipoh last friday after six weeks of boredom in UTP. I am feeling fresh now! huhuhu. Finally i managed to get my hand on the super delicious 'salmon sushi' in sushi king Jaya Jusco just before the fasting month starts to kick in. It's so refreshing after nearly 2 months i didnt visit the restaurant. FYI, Sushi King is the only place where i can willingly invest more than rm30 for foods. :P

I also got myself one new shirt and one jeans. Abusing parents' credit card once in a while is not a wrong rite? hahaha. Other than that, i also bought myself a new headphone. Well, my previous headphone was broke down beyond amendment. Ngeee..Below is the picture... I guess im too reckless for him to be his master. What a pity.

And this my new babby Hyundai.. (drum rolls in)

Well it may look smaller, but the sound system is definitely better! Owh yeah it rocks my world. I didnt spend my rm49 for this in vain after all..Hehehe. We also watched 'Death Race' to kill some time. Good movie with 18SG... Violence is not good for kids so i didnt recommend this movie for the underages. :)

It is now 31st August 2008 which means independance day for Malaysia (konon lah). Huhuhu but actually Im not really into it. But it's nice because of the holiday which means I can extend my sleeping hours. Hahaha. After all 31st August is not the date of independance for sabahan and sarawakian isnt it? It's for those who stays in Peninsular Malaysia... As for me, 16th Sept is the true national day. No hard feelings k. Forgive me if im wrong but im 100% sure it's the truth aite??? Jz my 2 cents

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