Saturday, November 15, 2008

If only i can rewind back the moment... :)

Sorry for the long negligence over this blog... Am pretty bz with the hectic life here. Anyway the exam is almost over ( two papers left ) and i am so damn eager to go back home.. KK!! Im coming for ya....

I found this while browsing through Ikhwan's blog... Nice servay it is.. Reminds me a lot of my younger days. Come to think of it, I'll turn 21 roughly around 2 months from now.. OMG!! The time is running by so fast! My teenage is coming to an end.. T.T


What section were you?
+ Monkeys... (most of us Makmurianz were that)

Who were your seatmates?
+ 1 M - I forgot (was in SM Sung Siew that time... i forgot the girl's name.. -.-)
+ 2 M - Amirul (CS partner)
+ 3 M - Camillus (my BFF of all time)
+ 4 M - Camillus? (Sorry for being absent minded)
+ 5 M - Azhar (always kacau him bcoz of his 'bigger than normal' stomach)

Still remember your English teacher?
+ Mdm Chin (kuCHINg), Ms Roliza (hot!!! someone had a crush on her!!!), Ms Elena (sometime emotionally unstable), Ms Vanajah (the best English teacher ever, too bad she retired half way - sigh), Ms Norain (no comment...), Teacher Misah (always come late especially after recess, monetary management for the CO-OP), Miss Dalvinder (She has the look of a MODEL!!! but she always reluctant to give us extra marks)

What was your first class?
+ 1B (Sung Siew), 2 Kerjasama (Sabah College)

Who was your crush then?
+ Adalah... Shhhh

Made friends to the lower years?
+ Yeah, the taekwondo kids... but mostly, they knew me but i didnt know them.

How was your class schedule?
+ 1 M = 1230 - 1800
+ 2 M =
+ 3 M - 5 M = 0655-1305

Made any enemies?
+ Not sure... Maybe got.. :)

Who was your favorite teacher?
+ Rainul all the way!!

Did you buy your lunch?
+ I had my lunch at home

Were you a party animal?
+ Not so...

Were you well known in your high school?
+ Ehem3... It's not for me to judge. My friends said i was quite popular... But im not sure myself.

Did you ever get suspended/expelled?
+ nah

Can you sing the school song?
+ " Maktab Sabah kami agungkan, majulah putera puteri kita... Bla3 "

What were your favorite subjects?
+ Chemistry ( I love it! Easy to score!! )
+ Add Math ( Back then it was supposed to be hard, but it's a mere child's play compared to what i am learning now )
+ Bahasa Melayu (I loved writing 'cerpen'.. Ms Fauziah was an excellent teacher too)

Where did you go most often during breaks?
+ Koperasi ( Selling buns n drinks )

If you could go back in time and do it all over again, would you?
+ Without hesitation, yes!!!!!!!!!!

What do you remember most about high school?
+ Everything!!! Too many to list down

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