Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolutions

1) Dont be lazy... Read textbooks more often. Come early to classes ( it never works eventough i keep telling myself to do so. I think 'auto-suggestion' never works on me ).

2) REDUCE DotA-ing!!! ( I found it impossible for years.. NVM jz hope it will work this time )

3) Involve more in university co-curricular activites ( if time permits me to do so... CE students are super duper buzy)

4) Search for more fantastic animes n mangas.

5) Lose some weight. (I've been gaining weight like hell in KK now)

6) Act n think like an adult ( geez hav to accept that im turning adult this year T.T )


Edgar said...

kita maw tua suda o kan lan...
dui... malas juga maw grow up ni.. being young and stupid is fun. haha xD

lanz said...

btul2... agreed 110%
tia pa... biar tua asal jiwa muda