Sunday, January 4, 2009

4th January Outing

It's been a while since i hang out with Ikhwan and Afzan.. The last time was d day before Hari Raya i guess. We decided to go to Citymall and and had drinking session at the Oldtown White Coffee. That was d second time i came to this coffee house. The 1st was in 2007 whereby Adi was craving for ice cream toast on the night before the fasting month began. We visited Mark at Starbucks and had a short chit chat. The good thing is he offered us 30% discount to have a coffee there. The bad thing is we still didnt have enough money to afford that. Maybe next time lah ya Mark. :)

Haiz... That was really not my day. I ordered an ice cream toast but only to find out that they were running out of ice cream. i was like 'duh'. Come on, Giant is just nearby. Walking three minutes long to purchase the ice cream wont hurt isnt it. As the result, i ordered the ordinary kaya butter toast. Well not bad at all. Having it with an Oldtown Twin Shake Coffee (not sure about d exact name) was a good combination actually.Well we're jz basically chit chatting for d next 30 minutes. I jz found out that Cikgu Musli actually has a blog. hahaha.. cool...

me and ikhwan

me and afzan

It was already 9.30pm and there were still many people walking around unlike Centre Point which is already dead by 9.00pm. I was a bit surprised actually ... Hahaha.. I found this Polo pouch which was orginally rm39 priced. Not long after that a salesgirl approached and informed me that there was 50% discount going on for d whole bags for sale including that nice pouch. Without a second tought i bought it with rm19.50.. Not bad wasnt it? Hehehe.. The bad news is i only have rm10 left in my wallet right now.. geez... Im looking forward for another hang out this friday which is Mark's off day.

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