Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Year Older One Year Wiser

Now im officially an adult! Hahaha... Should i feel happy or sad? I have this mixed feeling running through my heart. Happy that im turning adult which means im now able to do many things that i dont in the past? Or sad cause im no longer a teenager? Whatever it is, time flies and there is nothing we can do except appreciating every seconds we undergo. No? Hehehehe

Anyway 45 minutes before 12.00am, there was a short blackout for about 15 minutes yesterday. Wow! We're just in the second day of this semester and this thing happened. I really thought that i might be celebrating my birthday in the dark. Thank god it didnt last long or i might go to bed early. :P

As planned, me and some of friends here went to v5 cafe to have a supper. The purpose was to celebrate the birthday of course. Well it's not my birthday alone, Phil actually shares the same date with me. Hahahaha... So I would like to take this opportunity to wish Phil Foster happy 21st birthday!! And of course to myself too and everyone that is born on the 21st January!!! Hahahaha. Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes. Really really appreciate it. May god bless all of you! Amin....

( Adi, Afzal, Hafiz, and Phil)

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