Friday, January 16, 2009

Sadness, Despair, and Sorrow

Those 3 are the exact words that describe my feeling and situation right now. Sigh~ Im leaving KK in less than 12 hours from now. This one and a half month seems too short for me. I think i had a great moment with my friends and families here this holiday. Believe me, I'll cherish every moment that we have spent together all these time! Thank you everyone!! :)

I guess i wont be seing KK till the next coming June. However based on my previous experience, the time will be passing by so fast.... Really really fast. I'll soon find myself to be very busy with assignments, tests, lab reports, quizzes, and bla bla bla then taraaaa............. im already sitting for final examination! The excitement of going back home will then strike me once again. Hahahha.. Those recycle will just keep repeating itself till i graduate or going for practical soon I guess. Hopefully this new coming semester is going to be enjoyable and wonderful... not only for me, but also to everyone else.

Gud luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

take it easy big boy! haha... hurmmm tu la aku sdg home sick ni huhu.. all the best for the new sem....