Saturday, January 10, 2009

The day with an old friend

I wake up early this morning... Just to accompany my mom to attend the PIBG seminar talk. It's great to see all the old faces in the school. Some of them never changed though. :)

To make it short, my mom dropped me at Centre Point KK right after the talk finished where I met with an old friend of mine. Really old... It has been 9 years since we last met (mcm jejak kasih pula). He's actually my first friend when i first walked into SK Sungai Anib 1 in 1996... We lost contact to each other after I moved to KK in my secondary school and by God's will, he found my friendster by internet 2 weeks ago. :D

We were basically reminiscing the good old time that we had spent together in primary school and it's full of laugh and fun indeed. He called me a 'nerd' for carrying big bags and big water bottle to school. Damn, he even remembered how i walked n the way i dressed myself. Frankly speaking, there were a LOT of sweet memories to recall... Wrestling at the back of the class before the additional class began, playing stupid run and chase game, playing erasers, kena rotan by teacher Joraidah ramai-ramai in the middle of the field, getting my Math exercise book thrown away by Ms Chang for unknown reason,and the list will go on... I swear those memories will always be kept in my heart. Reminding just how innocent i was before.. :P

I never realize that I actually experienced such a fantastic and memorable moments during my childhood days. hahahaha... and i seriously miss those faces whom i never got the chance to say good bye before moving to KK... Im definitely happy with this kind of reunion and may God bless them in everyway they do

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